Afzaish Hussain’s Chand Mashwari

Afzaish Hussain's Chand Mashwari
Afzaish Hussain’s Chand Mashwari

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Afzaish Hussain’s Chand MashwariAftebirth, mor st women have skin rashes. These spots cause iron and vitamin C deficiency in the body. In this case, you should take iron injection in consultation with your doctor. Food should be taken care of. The mouth can be mixed with honey and lemon juice in water.Drink a glass of fresh fruit juice in the afternoon and a glass of milk before going to bed at night. Besides, some yoga exercises are also useful for removing facial scars. If you do not have the opportunity to exercise, posture, posture, etc., do these exercises lying on the bed when you open your eyes in the morning.

2. In the case of small red rashes on the face, wash the face with Detol Soup and apply banana mothers lotion.
Afzaish Hussain’s Chand Mashwari2. Facial and pituitary swelling may be due to the presence of an acid or an allergy to the body. Test your blood and urine for this.
2. Women whose skin is very bright and pure on the face and nose in the morning as if there is grease in the oil. If you do, then after a while the grease breaks down the entire makeup. Put on a juice mask.
Wash mouth with soap and do not apply any type of cream. Wash the mouth with a sterile or Vela Smooth lotion. It is low in fat. Cleaning with Tissue Lemon Cleaner once a day. Take one Lemon juice daily.
2- Women who have dark circles around their eyes. Mix a few drops of Lubricant Chinbeli in aqueous lemons and massage them around the eyes before going to Afzaish Hussain’s Chand Mashwaribed at night.
2. Women who have white spots on their face should use Multi-Vitamins. Because white spots on the face are a sign of lack of vitamins in the body.
2. For women whose skin is very smooth and its masses open, apply a mask of cucumber juice on their face. This is how to wash the cucumber, then rub it.
Remember that the pumpkin is clean and put the rubbed cucumber in a soft container. Now, filter it with a cloth of linen. First wash your face with basin and dry it and apply cucumber juice all over the face. After washing the face with cold water. Dry the face and apply the Kafur Mula Liquid Rose on the face. Do not use any type of lubricating cream. But there is no harm in applying the washing cream.
2. Women whose faces are filled with grains and make-up grains are even more washed with Kitty Cura Medicated Soup. Use Velva Smith and Swing Lotion made by Elizabeth Arden for makeup. If their color is white, then they should wear a Rose Rachel shade, and if the color is white then the Support Dark Shade will be appropriate.
Make sure to clean the makeup before going to bed at night.
2. Women whose skin is lubricated and their face is lukewarm in the summer, but in winter, they should not be used as moisturizer or pestle in the summer. Wash. Sprinkle the face with ice water and dry the face with a cotton swab and apply a blush or Ardina skin tonic, which is actually another name for the skin tonic.
They can be worn on their shoulders in the winter. The makeup chart for these women is as follows:
Foundation, Allusion, Peach Blush, Cream Rouge, Fragile, Powder, Invisible Wheel, Natural Blush On, Carville Number 1, Eyes, Binding Brown, (for brown eyes) or Black Smile, Lip Stick Coral Quota.
2. Women with dark rays on their faces should wash their faces with aton made in the following ways.
Basin: 1 ounce.
Joca flour: 1 ounce.
1 ounce of almond oil.
Aravat flour: 1 ounce.
Also, finely chop the glycerin and add one ounce of powder to it. It is very useful for dark grains.
Once a week, mix a small spoon of honey in the dark white and then apply it on the face with the puff of cinnamon cotton.
After 5 minutes wash the face to remove the mask and dry and apply a mixture of caffeine in a rose rose.
2. There is no cure for the removal of black soles on the face, except that new skin is applied to the face with plastic surgery.
2. Always be careful with the face is a sign of digestive disorder and malnutrition. Eat simple and delicious foods.
Reduce the use of ghee and eggs. Creamy butter and milk can be used sparingly, while yogurt is also useful. Diarrhea and excessive use of water are essential if the stomach is not clean, in which case eight glasses a day. Drink water. Orange malt, oranges, and lemons should be used with food. Eating fruits and vegetables relieves skin glow.
2)۔ Insomnia can lead to wrinkles on the face, with nervous tension and mental distress.
The only way to keep the effects of the skin away from the face is to provide fresh blood to the veins of the face.
2. Disorders in the digestive tract affect the face very quickly and cause the eyes to become inflamed and skin prone. Occasional facial brightness is the enemy of luster. Also, scar spots appear on the face. And avoid constipation.

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