Better to shave, curly hair

Better to shave, curly hair

Better to shave, curly hair
Better to shave, curly hair

Yogurt is popular in the world and consumed with allure. It is made by boiling and freezing milk. It has many benefits and uses. Many people eat it in real condition. It feels thirsty. Shopkeepers make it sweet and many make it with fruit flavors. Yogurt is made with various nutrients in addition to its food.
Lucy is cool and nutritious. Yogurt is eaten with lunch and dinner. When yogurt is made, it also grinds hot spices to create a taste. And cucumbers can also be cut off. In the heat, the food is eaten with awe.

If you are fond of being slim and slim, then instead of trying for hours in a gymnasium, yogurt can be made to own a knife body.

Yogurt contains vitamins, vitamins, proteins (calcium), potassium, phosphorus and zinc. Let me add it to your diet.
Strengthens bones
As we get older, we become less stressed. These less severe ones have less stress in the most dangerous bones, which occurs in both men and women. It contains vitamins (vitamin D) and calcium.
If you feel tightness and tightness or tightness in your bones, eat yogurt regularly.
Controls blood pressure
Your blood pressure is high and you are worried about it. You may not think you are healthy. Allergists say that eating yogurt is a good way to keep your blood pressure normal. Diseases may arise, such as kidney disease or increased blood pressure.
To eliminate the excess salt that is in our body, it is necessary to eat the right amount of potassium. About 2 ounces of yogurt gives us 3 mg of potassium, which does not cause the above diseases.
Makes the skin look good
Women who want to keep facial skin adorable, apply different lotions and creams, they should wear a yogurt mask.
The recipe is to bring three drops of almonds or olive oil in four tablespoons of yogurt. Then add one tablespoon of honey to it and whisk it well and then apply this mixture on the face for fifteen minutes. Wash the face afterwards. The face will be soothing and the glow will fade away. Also the wrinkles on your face will be gone.
Preserves digestion
One of the benefits of eating yogurt is that your stomach is healthy.
Yogurt is found in a special ingredient called auxiliary protein (PROBIOTIC). This ingredient absorbs the diet and keeps you healthy.
Reduces appetite
According to a research conducted at the University of Washington, yogurt reduces appetite. We tend to overeat when we are hungry, which in turn increases the risk of weight gain. ۔
Eating yogurt goes away cheaply and you stick to it.
Increases immune system
A study at VianyiVarsity has shown that eating yogurt boosts the immunity (IMMUNITY) power of women’s “T” cells, which are similar to white cells. Resistant to illnesses and infections.

Makes the hair soft and supple
Yogurt is also useful for the hair. It removes the dryness of the hair and the taste in the head. It also makes the hair soft, soft and shiny. Combine four tablespoons of yogurt, one tablespoon of coconut oil and half an egg. Then apply it on the hair. After 30 minutes, let it cool. Your hair will become soft and glowy. What a useful diet. You may have guessed it by reading its benefits. That I do not eat, but rather enjoy happiness. By turning away from it, you will be in a loss.

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