Concealer maintains facial tone

  • Concealer maintains facial tone
  1. Concealer maintains facial tone

Make-up is nothing short of an art and this skill is not in everyone’s bus, but every woman wants to be a Hussein … If you are fond of adornment but do not fall, it does not matter. The biggest problem is that they spend thousands of rupees on buying makeup products in the hobby of makeup, but most of the time, they are not aware of the proper use of the products, then they find themselves the most expensive makeup. Similarly, many women are unaware of the importance of “consular” in makeup … well known makeup artist and stylist Aid Nan Salam Ansari B. Concealer is important in makeup because sometimes “dehydration” causes white spots to appear on the face, in addition to these spots, dark circles around the eyes, gums and nail acne. Can also be hidden.
Some women complain that the face color turns “gray” after applying foam nodules, but the use of a condenser keeps the skin color similar, which is why the concussion is also called a “color character.” Can also be used in the form of acids, creams and sticks Yes, but keep your skin in mind ie oil, dry and
Normal … Remember to use a shade darker than your skin’s natural complexion, because if you apply condenser to a shade lighter than the natural color of your skin, the face cake will be almost as white as the pastry and such Do not take shades at all, which will change your complexion, as well as the foundation.
By the way, women who buy foundation wear shade on the back of their hand, but check the face for the best choice of consular.
Concealer sounding method
If you are getting ready for an evening event, apply a condenser all over your face in the form of liquid, cream or stick applied to your skin after applying a primer on the face and leave for a while after absorbing the light. There is a small amount of alcohol in the edematics of the eid, which evaporates shortly after application.
After that, apply mopact powder after you have absorbed the pho nadis. Similarly, if you are getting ready to go to the office, shopping or lunch and you do not want to base it, you can apply only the condenser in the same shade of your skin, but do not lose skin after applying the condenser. If you use a day cream or sunblock in your daily use, apply it on the face before applying the condenser and do not apply lozenge powder or coarse powder on the face after applying the condenser at daytime, then wrap the lipstick on your own. Or make sure to wear lip gloss.
Yes, however, in the evening, you must apply foundation and co-op powder after the condenser, you can also use highlighters to bring a glow to the face, not even to blush or to tone down.

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