Cosmetic products and beauty acquisition

Cosmetic products and beauty acquisition

Cosmetic products and beauty acquisition
Cosmetic products and beauty acquisition

Make-up can actually make an unattractive and ugly woman feel good:
It is commonly seen that every woman who wants to become a classical beauty such as Klopatra’s Helen of Troy, Prance Diana ‘Madhupala and Madhuri, the full depiction of these women seems legendary and their beauty speaks to the poet’s imagination.

However, for most of us the imagery of women can be slightly better than minor or minor. This is not a disappointment. The key is to improve your good looks and to appease less well-known ones. Available in today’s era. With sophisticated but talented make-up techniques, you can actually transform an unlucky and ugly cheeky ‘duck’ into a glamorous and beautiful Jose Raj Hans without having to undergo plastic surgery.

Let’s start with our proud crown. If nature has blessed you with beautiful black jewelry, then you are surely one of the lucky ones. Just protect this crown of your head – a proper hairdo. Apply and apply regular oils to your hair and condition them. Keep trimmed ends and use a good shampoo.

The women whose hair is disturbed do not need to be disappointed. If your hair is very thin and does not have elasticity, then first give it a go and style it after consulting your hairdresser. Can suggest styling that will add a new force and innovation to your hair.
After shampoo, dry the hair with a towel.
Then bend the head and bleed the hair over time to allow it to dry 90%. Then let it stand and dry completely. This will give body and housing to your hair.
Regularly use a hundred henna from the commercial dyes available in the market to hide white hair. It also naturally darkens and conditions the hair.
After that, our faces turn. The cowpea face is believed to be the perfect shape, while many of our faces are round, square or elongated. Cannot change, however, with the clever use of makeup can change the face.
If you want to reduce the square line of your jaw, then apply a deep foundation on the jaw bones.
To hide the double chin, apply a light foundation to the correct location of the chin and then blend it with the normal foundation.
To smooth the pointed chin, tap a light foundation around the chin and blend it. Apply any shade powder on your face. Apply a light shade powder to the part of the chin where the light foundation is applied.

If the skin on your face is pale and wrinkled, choose a foundation that has a light pink hue on your face. Blend it well and use semi-transparent powder for the best impression.
If your skin is yellow, choose a slightly fondant color both on the foundation and on the powder, and if the skin is smooth, use some pink tones.

Hair shaping can also be changed with the help of a hairstyle. A wide forehead can be concealed with hair extensions or tweezers. The impression of a square bone of jaws can be lightened by a hairstyle that fits the face frame. Give work
A small facial or pistachio hair can be added to the hair follicle. While a full elliptical and elliptical face can be influenced by a hairstyle.
Which can be removed from the face.
Women whose faces have shorter hairs look better in shades than short hair.
Older women should adopt lightweight hairstyles that do not allow the hair to be removed from the face (as it causes wrinkles and wrinkles to appear on the face), but also choose the hairstyles in which they protect the face as a frame. I’m taken

If your neck is as elegant as a Raj Swan, then tie your sleeves in pairs or in a trench bin and wear a delicate and sophisticated necklace to make the neck look attractive.
According to Beauty Experts, the girls and women who wear glasses avoid serious hairstyles. Light hairstyles will look more attractive.

Use the rouge very carefully to hide certain facial defects. The chewed cheeks will look fuller and rounded if the rouge is blended over the cheekbones instead of inside them. The shadows soften and begin to appear fuller and wider.
Blend the rouge from the jawbone to the back hair to reveal a longer and thinner face – like a straight line.

To thin a wide face, apply a slight rouge near the nose and blend it well. A square face appears to be elliptical if the root is shaded in the form of a long triangle towards the jawbone.
Eyes and Eyes:
If the hair of the eyebrows is pierced, use a thin tip irophenicle to enrich them and put short strokes in the direction of hair growth.
Do not draw a single line or lengthen it otherwise it will look artificial. This shade, if used wisely, covers many eye defects. If your eyes are too close to one another Apply Eye Shadow to the upper eyelids. Then head to the upper and outer eyelids.

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