Cosmetics Key Detection

Cosmetics Key Detection
Cosmetics Key Detection

Every woman wants to look beautiful and unique and resort to makeup to achieve beauty. For the best makeup, it is necessary to use standard cosmetics. In this regard, beauty cosmetic information is a must for every woman, and it should be because if you are not fully aware of these products and their uses, you will not be able to use them properly. We are introducing a brief introduction to important beauty cosmetics that will surely prove to be a good addition to women’s information.

Cleansing country: This beauty is solid and just like milk. It is applied to the face with cotton. Its use cleanses the moisture around the face and the smoke, and since the skin becomes very clean and transparent, the face becomes brighter and brighter.
Cleansing country is more useful for oily skin.

Cleansing Cream: This cream is also very useful for facial cleansing.
Women with dry skin are more used to it. The cleansing cream is applied with the help of finger wings to be lightly applied so that the skin is well absorbed.
Moisturizer: It is similar to white cream and is also available as cream or in tube form. It should be used with fingers. If the skin is dry and white spots appear on it, then these spots disappear by use. Its base is perfect for inflating makeup.
Women with dry skin can get much better results if they moisturize the face 10 minutes before makeup.

Skin Tank: This beauty solution is used by cotton after mixing country use. Its main function is to close the masses at the time of make-up so that the cosmetic chemicals do not penetrate into the skin, ie absorb the cosmetics. Are.
It is used on normal skin. Its use makes the skin soft, soft and shiny. It is available in a variety of colors.

Esthetic Lotion: It is available in solution form and in different colors. It also works to close the skin issues. Initially, it may feel a bit irritating. It eliminates dark spots on the skin and is considered very suitable for oily skin.
It should be used with cotton.

Cold cream or night cream: Women with very dry skin should massage their face with hands and feet before applying the cold cream to sleep at night, thinking that it should be applied at bedtime and after drying in the morning. And will be soft and adaptable enough. This cream is also suitable for slightly dry skin.
Put the cream on your palm and massage it.
Nourishing Cream: This cream is also a form of cold cream. Which softens the skin. Home-based women should use Nourishing cream because using it helps keep the skin of the working skin soft as it is less sugar. Therefore, it can be used in summer only with the help of fingertips.

Ice cream: This cream is lighter and a bit thicker than cold cream. It is used to cover circles and spots that may be seen around the eyes. It is available in small cottages. A container can last for many days if you use it properly.
Foundation: Foundation, cream and stock available in all three forms. This is used because it helps to smooth your skin before makeup.
The foundation should always be taken to suit the color of your skin. It can also be applied with the help of a fingertip. Foam-made beauty blenders are also available in the market today for this purpose.

Face Powder: Face powder is used after the foundation. The powder is available in white rose pink and skin color. It should be used very lightly.
Make sure this fee matches the color of the Powder Foundation.
Compact: A small powder called powder compact. Women can easily put it in their purse when going out. It doesn’t spill or stretch wherever you are ‘You can refresh your makeup by puffing it on your face right away from time to time but remember that over-use can leave a powdery mark on your face.
So reduce its use.

Rouse: This is not very common, so it will certainly be new for many women. In fact, its main purpose is to give your cheeks a healthy glow and redness. It is available in pink. This pink color combines a light caption. The cream is available in the form of stick and soap hinges. The cream is applied with the help of a fingertips and the pillow is also poured through the puff with the fasting. If you are fasting during the day, apply it lightly. And if it’s night time, a bit darker color would be appropriate.

Blush On: Available in both light pink and dark pink packets. Apparently it is like a fast, but it produces more glow than the fast. Therefore, its use is more pronounced on the face. Match her shades to suit your skin. It also tones your face in pink and spreads a red glow on your cheeks. It should be used before using the powder.
Eye Shadow: This green ‘brown blue’ has fallen

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