Darish Jahan Makeup

Darish Jahan Makeup
Darish Jahan Makeup

Makeup is not meant to paint the face, but to enhance the natural texture of the skin and to create the appearance of the face. On some faces makeup is applied as if it were painted on an image. The main reason is that such women think that the more makeup on the face, the more beautiful the look will be.
Apart from this, cosmetics choices are not taken lightly. Macs only look good when used with sophistication and cosmetics can be purchased according to the skin. There is a separate makeup for each skin. ۔
Following are the different types of make-up skin:
Open waxed skin, which can be called skinny skin, does not last long on makeup,
It is very difficult to apply makeup on dry skin that does not absorb makeup.
2. The coconut is easy to make on the skin and stays fresh for a long time.
2. Absorbent skin as it absorbs makeup and needs frequent makeup. Normal skin is best for gooey makeup but if used with proper foundation, all skin types can be made attractive. Is.
There are many different types of foundations available in the market. The most popular and old-fashioned foundation washing cream in makeup is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. The use of washing cream is useful in mild weather. The color foundations of colored foundations have diminished the popularity of vending creams. Even so, the washing cream is a useful base for greasy skin.
Colored foundations – these are available in various forms. Particularly for those faces that are yellowish and darker, the use of colored foundations is very useful, but caution is necessary in the selection and use. Liquid foundation should be used in small quantities. If skin is absorbent, cream foundation should be applied in high quantity.
But remember that before applying the foundation, the skin is clean and dry and its issues are closed. This can happen only after applying the skin-lotion skin tonic, sterngent or skin freshener after cleansing the skin. There are numerous products available such as Pounds Cold Cream, Max Factor Cleansing Cream, Dorothy Red Lemon Stand, Max Factor Sign Floor, or Ridley Vitamin Skin Cream, Lands Cold Cream, Nuba Night Cream, etc.
The best method of foundation is to apply foundation points on the face, then spread the foundation to the face. When the hands reach the chin, take them to the neck so that some foundation can be applied to the neck as well as the color of the neck is different from the face. Don’t see.
Rouge: If you have a cream rouge, use it after foundation. Otherwise powder powder or blush on blush powder can also be used. Some women think that the color of their cheeks is naturally pink so they have to use a rouge. No need to use but the pink color of the cheekbones degrades the makeup of these women.
For example, if the cheeks are pink then the jaw may look wider but if a slight cure is applied on the upper part of the cheeks, the face will look balanced. Mix the roses well with the foundation so that both cosmetics become part of the skin.
Face powder: Face makeup is not complete without powder. One advantage of face powder is that using it sets the foundation well and refreshes the face for a long time.
When buying face powder, be sure that the powder shade is lighter than your foundation. Otherwise the color of the face will be darker. Scrub waste powder. When applying powder, the hands should move downward, carefully apply the powder under the nose and eyes and around the mouth.
Face powder is available in two cases:
2. Normal open powder.
2. Cream powder.
Cream powder is best to keep in your purse or handbag because outside the home when you want to refresh yourself and the foundation is not available you can do a full make-up of cream powder. The following cream powders are available in the market: Max. Factor pan stick cream make-up, budlist cream powder, macro cream powder, or screaming feather fashion, Diana Marsh cream powder, fashion powder number seam Helena Robin Stein 25, outdoor grill, Presley cream powder, Elizabeth Arden 25,

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