Eye Shade

Eye Shade
Eye Shade

Usually the first shade is applied afterwards, but later the eye shadow is applied. But as one expert Hasan says, apply the first shades.
2. Powder Eye Shade
2. Cream eyeshadow
The powdery eyeshadow is more suitable in the summer.
Cream eyeshadow is best for winter and evening use. Eye shades are generally available in three colors, such as white, brown, and turquoise, golden eye shade can be used in the evening. White eye shade Apply the bone between the eye and the eyebrows. The brown eye shadow is applied from the inner corner of the eye to the eyelid and the middle of the bone and the green or turquoise eye shadow is applied to the eyelid.
Artificial Eyelashes: If the eyelids are small, pigments can be elongated with olive or castor oil. However, if not too long, this problem can be resolved with artificial eyelids. – Use street lashes for general use. These, combined with natural lashes, make the eyes attractive.
How To Apply Artificial Eyelashes: Before applying artificial eyelids, make sure that the artificial eyelids are spaced 1/8 or 1/4 inch away from the inner corner of the eye. Keep your eyelashes in line with your natural eyelids. And cut off the spare parts. Apply adhesive to the stool of the eyelid and paste along the natural eyelid.
Most of the time the lace is dry, open your eyes. If you feel chew, slip the artificial eyelids toward the eyelid with a round straw. Then gently press the eye. Now look in the mirror if you see any outgrowth. So carefully trim the artificial eyelids. But do not let your natural eyelids be cut in this attack. If you are worried, then remove the artificial eyelid because it can be clipped a second time. Is.
In the meantime, apply a little lace and apply. Now put a smile on the eyes. Color the artificial and natural eyelashes with a smile. Then you close your eyes to see if there is any gap between the artificial eyelids and the natural eyelids. If any part of your eyelid is loose, then this problem can be resolved by cutting the artificial eyelid on this loose part of the eyelid and using a brush handle or straw. Push the loose part of the eyelid down and stick the artificial eyelid on it.
Then use the eyelashes. The reproductive eyelids also apply to the lower part of the eye. This is how to cut the artificial eyelid into small sections. Each section has only three to four hairs. Apply adhesive and stick to the distance. This is how the eyes will look more beautiful. When applying the artificial eyelid to the bottom of the eye, draw a line along the line.
Ways to beautify the eyes. If your body is healthy but your eyes are weak or small, then that body cannot be called beautiful. The length of the eye, from one ear to the other, should be one-seventh. The white part should be perfectly white. This area is a symptom of abnormalities of the abdomen and stomach, so swimming in water is the best exercise.
In the morning, it is very useful to spray a bouquet of roses on the eyes. It makes the eyes look beautiful. Washing the eyes with fresh water enhances vision. Applying pure honey to the eyes makes the eyes shine. Good light and mascara are also useful for the eyes. Reading in light is dangerous for the eyes. The book should not be placed too close to the eyes when reading. It should be at least fourteen inches apart. Eyes should be washed and protected from scratches. Fine bites, pearls, thread in needles, or any other month of this kind and finer. Work should not be done for too long. Looking at a ticket to the moon can greatly benefit the eyes.

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