Their fitness is also included in the beauty. The hoodies of the hiker should also be the hussains for the price. The body is worn with closed shoes and stockings. Therefore, the feet are safe. And they do not need ornaments. In summer, slippers and sandals are worn in which the feet are open, so special attention should be paid to their cleanliness and appearance.
Be careful about the following in this regard.
2- With soap in the foot during the bath, clean them with rag.
2. Pay special attention to the cleaning of heels.
3. Wrap the Wesleyan once a week at noon or at night before going to bed.
Wrap a thick layer of Vaseline on the heels. If it does in the morning, in the evening and if at night, wash the feet with warm water and then rub the feet thoroughly with rough towels.
2. If the toes of the feet are broken, then take wax and small meat fat and melt it on the fire, and most of it cool, apply it on the heels with a knife and wear stockings. Do before.
3- Once a week, add half hot water to a tablespoon, add two teaspoons of salt to it.
Soak your feet in this water for ten minutes, then rub the feet with a scrub, then rinse with soap, then rinse the feet with cold water, dry the feet with a lotion, cream, sturgeon or uD clone. Apply it relieves fatigue.
2- With tight shoes make the blisters on the feet. Avoid wearing these shoes.
When the blister on the foot is peeled, remove the material by peeling the blister off the needle, now soak the cotton in a detol or any other germicidal solution.
1. If you have sweat on your feet, then you can get a sweatpants on the soles of the feet before wearing the shoe. For this purpose, the bottom of the blotting paper can also be placed in the shoe, but it should be changed daily.
2. If there are minor groups on the legs, lay a piece of tissue paper on them before wearing the shoe. Corn pad can also be used for this purpose.
1. Sometimes cold or pressure stains or lines are applied to the feet. The cure for this is to rub the soil over the feet, wash the feet after 20 minutes, do this procedure three times a week.
2. If there is white rough material on your foot, remove it with a cuticle remover.
2. Paint your foot nails with nail polish. This will make the foot feel good, but before applying the nails on the feet, place cotton cloth between the fingers so that the toes are not separated and the polish does not move around.
1. Wearing high heel shoes causes indigestion insomnia and many dental diseases, so do not wear high heel shoes.
2. If the foot has a bad sweat and stockings are damaged, then wash the feet with hot water in potassium manganese, also called pinky.
Foot nails should also be trimmed every seven to eight days.

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