Mehndi Or Hath

Mehndi Or Hath
Mehndi Or Hath

Our religious festivals and wedding rituals have a great emotional connection with henna, and now, the imposition of henna on the hands has become a regular art. The expert on this woman’s palm is very sophisticated and sophisticated. Here are some ways to apply henna:
Before slicing the henna, finely chop it into finer slices, squeeze out the coarse and coarse fibers, grind the five cloves finely and pour it into the henna, then mix the henna with the sesame juice.
Henna is neither too thick nor too thin. Now make flower leaves on your hands with a fine stitch or wood straw. When the henna starts to dry, squeeze in a lemon juice cup. Add a quarter teaspoon of sugar to the juice.
Soak a cotton swab in it and apply it on a dry mehndi. Also, if two drops of soaked henna are added to ghee oil, the color will become more attractive.
For centuries, people of the Indian subcontinent have been using the alias commonly known as henna. They use mehndi for their hands and feet, but men use mehndi externally as medicine. Women and men also use henna to hide the white of hair. There are also medical properties of henna and also decorative.
Mehndi has been used in our homes for centuries. Although in the current fashion, chemicals are preferred in decoration, but the importance of hannahidan is Muslim and stable in its place. In addition to marriage, Hina has also been observed on the occasion of Eidan, that people apply henna to the sacrificial animals. Honey is the essential part of our traditional ceremonies and facilitates the marriage ceremony. Like banana, banana has a special ritual.


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