Rose rose, the benefits are numerous

Rose rose, the benefits are numerous

Rose rose, the benefits are numerous
Rose rose, the benefits are numerous

Flower flowers are associated with the most beautiful ideas, they have always been associated with beauty and beauty. This low-cost but beautiful flower flower also has a lot of features. Rose is extremely useful for beautifying face and skin. It not only increases facial attractiveness but also makes it healthier.
After waking up in the morning, the eyes often feel swollen due to the lack of water in the body.
If you wake up in the morning, eyes are swollen, soak the pieces of cotton in a rose and keep them in the eye. This process also enhances the beauty of the eyes.
By soaking the cotton in a rosewater, it cleanses the face and cleanses the skin of the skin.

It is also an excellent antibacterial, which uses gentle moisturizing on the face to make it clean and shiny.

The roses can also be used to make rose face packs. Mix the basin in a sorrel rose and apply it on the face and wash when dry. This fee pack is useful for greasy skin. Before sleeping at night, rub a few roses in the Multani soil and apply it on the face. This clears the mail slurry, cools the face and makes the face shine. If the skin is dry, the aloe vera can be mixed with rosemary in the rose rose.

Liquid rose is best for moisturizing dry skin, it relieves skin itch. However, the use of rose petals on the face of greasy skin eliminates grease and oil. Drying a rose rose periodically to maintain moisture in the skin softens the soft skin.
Liquid roses can also be used as tones.
Add equal amount of milk in the rose rose. Apply it with cotton to the hands and face. This process keeps the skin color consistent. The scars and dark spots on the skin go away.
To remove facial blemishes and wrinkles, apply a yogurt mixed with cinnamon wood and rose roses as masks. It also eliminates spots and wrinkles, as well as nail acne and injury marks.

After shampooing, hair will often dry out. If the scrub rose on the roots of the hair after washing the hair, the hair will be protected from dryness. Liquid Rose works as an excellent conditioner, and it also eliminates dandruff-causing microorganisms.
Applying a rose bouquet to the fee wash increases the utility of the fee wash. The vitamin B present in it maintains the ‘C’ and E facial cleavage.

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